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Caruth Homeplace Adaptive Use & Addition
Dallas, Texas

The adaptive use of the Caruth Homeplace, originally constructed in 1872 and modified as a "Colonial" style home in 1938, includes the restoration of the exterior and the interior public spaces as well as changes necessary to create office space for two non-profit foundations and support functions for events for the Communities Foundation of Texas. In addition to the house itself, the extensive grounds were restored and reinterpreted and a 3,000 square foot addition, which is not physically connected to the historic home, was added to the site.

The addition is designed to be compatible with the historic house and to recall some of the outbuildings that have occupied the site, including the Caruth family's first dog-trot log structure, since modified. The addition is sited to provide views of a reconstructed oval garden and is set back from the historic house so that it is not visible from the front approach.



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