portfolio : parry avenue gate and esplanade

Parry Avenue Gate and Esplanade Restoration, Fair Park
Dallas, Texas

Based upon the Fair Park Comprehensive Development Plan, the Esplanade Fountain and the Parry Avenue Gate is restored and enhanced by the addition of a water feature that is meant to attract visitors to the park. The water feature occupies a portion of the historic 700 foot-long reflecting basin and features the tallest water jets in the state, and 270 nozzles designed to be choreographed to music, a sound system and lights. In the spirit of the original 1936 show, this new water feature delights visitors day and night with changing programs. The restoration includes a large Pylon, the landscape and light features surrounding the fountain.

At Parry Avenue, where the DART station opened in 2009, a restored historic entrance gate greets visitors. The historic gate structures are restored and the wall is reconstructed to match its 1936 appearance. Future plans include a Fair Park Interpretation Program that will help visitors understand the history of Fair Park, funded by the Preserve America program.


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