portfolio : texas a&m ymca building

Texas A&M University YMCA Building Renovation
Dallas, Texas

The YMCA Building is one of the University’s oldest buildings and is located in the heart of the historic Academic Quad, along Old Main— the original campus entrance. The building was designed by Frederick Gieseke, founder of the University’s architecture college and later, that of the University of Texas at Austin, although the building'’s design was completed by his successor.

The four story structure will be adaptively used to house the Philosophy Department offices and classrooms, the Faculty Senate, Aggie Honor Offices, and Marketing and Communications. In order to include the new users of the building, an addition will be made to the original structure. A feasibility study was provided to determine whether to re-use the rear wing of the building, which had been heavily altered over years of use. The project is designed to be certified as LEED Silver.

The building is located along Military Walk, another project in which QMc has been involved. One of the design challenges was the relationship of the building to this historic walkway.



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